Long time no update :(

So it is about time I continued the story of the project.

As stated in Dec 2002 some metal flares were added to the body. I was living in Australia at the time so process on the zed was….well somewhat stalled. Now that flares were on the car rims would be required to full these out. I first purchased some Compomotive ML in 15×8 and 15×9 these were ordered in negative offsets – however when shipped the offset was not as large as expected. I manged to make contact with another zed owner who happened to be looking for rims. A deal was struck and his 260z 2+2 was now fitted with the Compomotive ML and I had in my collection a G-Nose.

This G-Nose was an original 5 piece unit including headlight covers. However at some point in the G-Noses life the lower section was damaged and replace with an ok replica made from steel. Here are some pics of the G-Nose are aquired.

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