Time off the road

After a few years of use a little of the cars age began to show.

First I lost sycnro’s on 2nd and 3rd (gearbox rebuilt), then a little more rust began to show here and there with most of this under the battery box (a common spot for S30 to rust, however I am sure the roll over did not help as I am sure some battery acid would have added in this process)

So my brother (a panelbeater) and I striped the car so the rust could be repaired. Here are few pics of the strip and the rust found.

Rusty parts were cut out and replaced with new steel. Here is the work that was carried out, over 10 years ago now.

With the major rust repairs done the car sat under the car port at mum and dad’s place for a while as I had purchased another zed that was keeping me poor. I don’t have any photo’s of this car but it was HS30-00016, yep one of the early girls alright. Requiring a lot of rust repairs and me still young this car was sold and is now in Australia. The sale of HS30-00016 gave me some $$ to got towards my first home, well towards a deposit on a block of land north of Auckland. Later my then girlfriend (now wife) and I build our house on this land. So you could say the sale of the early 240z did help me with providing garage for my toys. I never did get zed into the one of 3 garages I build with the house as the house was sold and we moved to Australia for a few years. So the project car sat.

On a xmas holiday back from Australia in 2001 I helped move the zed to my brother workshop were the shell was media blasted and painted in an epoxy primer.

Here is the before media blasting pictures

And the after blasting pictures

Over the new years period in 01/02 it was decided we would put some steel flares on the car sort of JDM Fairlady 240ZG but not the normal bolt on overfender flares. So here is the early stages of the custom metal work.

custombody1.jpg custombody2.jpg custombody3.jpg custombody4.jpg
More to come
Cheers Mike

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  1. Glenn Says:

    Mike its time for an update but will give you leniency if you are using time to work on the car!

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