The chosen one

After viewing a few datsun zed cars ranging from rusty 240z to out of my budget cars it was settled that I would return to the first zed I viewed and this would be purchased. Harry told me this would be the car I would come back and purchase but he wanted me to see others to ensure I knew what was out there. So with funds exchanged and paper work done I acquired my first Datsun. I still own this car today and have not and will not part with it ever. It is a 1977 (assembled in 76) Datsun 260z 2 seater aka RS30.

Imported from one of the Pacific Islands in 1978 (as was a few cars back then – usually by armed service personal, or by some individuals who purchased the car from X – shipped to Y before importing into NZ, kind of parallel importing before parallel importing was permitted) the car has not had too many owners but is well known for the “Ghosts of Bay Park” photo. perviousowner5.jpg This was a result of one of many Datsun Z Club track days held at “Bay Park circuit at Mount Maunganui”.


perviousowner6.jpg Some spirited driving


kitty litter =

Here are some other pictures I got from the previous owners that show what the car looked like before the above happened.




After the new body shape was applied to the car (see kitty litter results above) the car was striped and rebuilt. The previous owner was kind enough to let me have these photos also. Once the rebuild was complete the result some years later was the car I purchased.




Here is few pics of 霞 , a few weeks after my purchase,  after a groom and cut/polish and took out the best 260z at the club concourse.

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  1. nustad Says:

    Its time to pop the cherry of the comments box!

    Oh the anticipation………..

    Bring it

    Make it happen

    We want to see it growling!

  2. nzeder Says:

    Well not quite in the early states Kyteler posted a comment – just that I did not approve as it was still a work in progress then :)

  3. Andrew Armstrong Says:

    I’ve been reading with interest elsewhere(viczcar, hybridz) your work involving the zed which is impressive. I’m planning on building a stroker similar to one which you’ve previously built (I have LD28 and L14 rods, off ebay, in an n42/n42). Could I run a couple of things past you in order to avoid stuffing things and wasting money etc.
    I’ll be adding this site to my favourites.
    Thanks Andrew

  4. nzeder Says:

    No problem – I will shot you an email.


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