Rear Brakes

One of the things I wanted to do with the car was upgrade the brakes. At one point I purchased the standard aftermarket mods for these cars aka Z31 rear rotors, S14 calipers and Modern Motorsports caliper mounting brackets – which is still one of the best bang for buck rear upgrades around.

Anyway after trying a few different things and combinations the final solution was chosen and custom fabrication was carried out. This setup was selected for a few reasons. They are as follows

  1. Close in sizing to the FIA approved rear vented setup that was used on the works rally cars.
  2. I wanted to have an internal drum for the park brake.
  3. I wanted to use as much OEM parts as possible.

So this setup is made up of the following parts

  1. Rotors = 284mm x 20mm and from a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV RS.
  2. Shoes = PBR Banksia single shoe from Mitsubishi Magna TE-TL 96-01
  3. Actuators = PBR C5 Corvette 97-04
  4. Park Brake Cables = Standard Nissan S14 items 95-00 rear and modified front cable
  5. Backing plates = Custom CNC Alloy – one offs
  6. Park Brake Cable holders = Modified Nissan Pulsar N13 items (If I recall – I picked up a number of items from a pick-a-part from different model Nissans so not 100% sure) for the wheel end and a custom bracket for the other end.
  7. Park Brake Lever = Standard 240z/260z setup no changes required.
  8. Locating ring = Custom made to ID the rotors 90mm centre vs 68mm for the stock + this also was made to ID on the RS Watanabe wheels I am running.

So pictures all this work as follows – but would I do it again???? No cost a lot of time and $$.

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