Panel Finish

Like the rebuild of this car – my blog is also slow going :(

What started out as a strip to fix the rust in the car has lasted about 14 years longer than it should have. Does not help due to project creep and me changing my mind on the end goal of the car. Anyway time for an update in the story.

So after the car sitting in the back of the brothers works for….well….too many years it was time to get things moving again. So selling off stuff to free up some much needed funds to pay for the labour and materials was in order. With funds at the ready the car was pulled from the back of the workshop and the panel finishing could begin.

So with all the parts and shell now to the level so the panel man was happy it was time to work on the underbelly.

With all the prep work complete the next phase in this epic rebuild was some texture coat/stone guard to be applied to the underside of the car. After a bit of thought and discussion it was also decided to put texture coat inside the car on the floor also. After stripping all the sound deadening off and not wanting to do it again (ever) I decided that texture coat on the inside of the car would help a little in this area + I plan to have good modern carpet underlay that will add to sound deadening. Not that I am too fussed about it really as the car will not have a stereo fitted – well that is the current plan.

Time for the chosen colour to be allied to the under side and inside of the car before moving on to the outside and engine bay. The car was original a dark metallic green. After the first owners slight off track experience the car was painted a custom metallic green that was a few shades lighter. I decided to go for a factory colour – green still. This colour was used only during the first 2 years of production of the 240z/Fairlady Z/Fairlady Z432 and given the new heart for the car in a sort of Z432 theme with a modern spin this original Z432 colour option was chosen. 907 is the factory colour code.

It was now time to work on the outside and engine bay. All this work was done in short time – amazing what having some $$ can do to motive the panel man (aka older brother)

Finally ready for the 907 for the rest of the shell

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