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Power Plant

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

This is one area of the project that I changed my mind on. First I started to build a L28 that was bored to just over 3000cc. Using some Tomie pistons from Japan that were designed for the L28 stock stroke but using the longer L24 rods these took the stock 86mm bore out to 90mm – yep 4mm over the standard.

Just before I complete the build on this engine I decided I really want to change the theme of this project. I have always loved the PS30 aka Fairlady Z432. Approx 480 were build and sold in Japan. These domestic models were power by the Nissan S20 engine which is a 2000cc inline 6 with DOHC configuration and triple side draft carburetors. As there engines are rare finding one was out of my budget so a modern Nissan DOHC inline 6 was selected. Here are some pics of the S20 engine.

Initially I was going to build a RB30DE with the triple DCOE throttle bodies that I had for the L30 project. But I managed to find a hybrid RB engine that was freshly imported from Japan. The new heart for the project was going to be a RB25 bottom end with a RB26 head. To help fund the project other parts had to be sold off, so the RB30E engine was sold as was the RB26 head I purchased (I purchased a complete RB26 at one point but sold the bottom end quickly after I removed the head).

RS Watanabe’s purchased

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Ok so with the sale of the Compomotive ML’s some new larger rims were going to be needed to full the large flares my brother had custom made for the zed. The acquiring of JDM rims means more $$ would be required – so it was sometime before these were in the garage.

RS Watanabe R Type were purchased in gold in 16×8.5 -6 offset for the fronts and 16×9.5 -19 offset for the rear. Rapped in Toyo rubber 225/50/16 front and 245/45/16 in the rear.

At the time I was storing Dad’s JDM Fairlady Z (S31) at my house, now back living in NZ. So the new rims had to be installed on this to see how they would sit on a stock zed. As you can see Dad’s old Fairlady Z was also fitted with a G-Nose in this case a 2 piece fibre glass replica.

A few months later the suspension was installed in my car minus the springs. We setup some blocks of wood at fully compressed spring length to check rim to panel clearances. As the brother had only complete one front flare at this point in time I told him they were too large on the front. So I purchased some new front fender and smaller steel flares were added. In these pics you will see that one front guard has not been flared yet, but this guard did have the lip rolled and a bit of rod tack welded to the rolled lip to add strength back into the fender.

Long time no update :(

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

So it is about time I continued the story of the project.

As stated in Dec 2002 some metal flares were added to the body. I was living in Australia at the time so process on the zed was….well somewhat stalled. Now that flares were on the car rims would be required to full these out. I first purchased some Compomotive ML in 15×8 and 15×9 these were ordered in negative offsets – however when shipped the offset was not as large as expected. I manged to make contact with another zed owner who happened to be looking for rims. A deal was struck and his 260z 2+2 was now fitted with the Compomotive ML and I had in my collection a G-Nose.

This G-Nose was an original 5 piece unit including headlight covers. However at some point in the G-Noses life the lower section was damaged and replace with an ok replica made from steel. Here are some pics of the G-Nose are aquired.


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