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The chosen one

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

After viewing a few datsun zed cars ranging from rusty 240z to out of my budget cars it was settled that I would return to the first zed I viewed and this would be purchased. Harry told me this would be the car I would come back and purchase but he wanted me to see others to ensure I knew what was out there. So with funds exchanged and paper work done I acquired my first Datsun. I still own this car today and have not and will not part with it ever. It is a 1977 (assembled in 76) Datsun 260z 2 seater aka RS30.

Imported from one of the Pacific Islands in 1978 (as was a few cars back then – usually by armed service personal, or by some individuals who purchased the car from X – shipped to Y before importing into NZ, kind of parallel importing before parallel importing was permitted) the car has not had too many owners but is well known for the “Ghosts of Bay Park” photo. perviousowner5.jpg This was a result of one of many Datsun Z Club track days held at “Bay Park circuit at Mount Maunganui”.


perviousowner6.jpg Some spirited driving


kitty litter =

Here are some other pictures I got from the previous owners that show what the car looked like before the above happened.




After the new body shape was applied to the car (see kitty litter results above) the car was striped and rebuilt. The previous owner was kind enough to let me have these photos also. Once the rebuild was complete the result some years later was the car I purchased.




Here is few pics of 霞 , a few weeks after my purchase,  after a groom and cut/polish and took out the best 260z at the club concourse.

The beginning

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Well where to begin. I guess I should start with why I like 70′s Japanese cars so much. I think a lot of this has to with the era in which I was born – the 70′s :-D and the fact that in the early 70′s as dad was in the armed forces therefore the family was posted to a small Asian country.

So I can only assume being so close to the home land of Japanese cars there were many on the roads. And thus began the love for 70′s Japanese cars.

And dad did purchase a New Mitsubishi Galant GTO GS-R (blue of cause) – though I believe he wanted a 240z (260z 2+2 just released then and out of the budget) and a second hand one was almost purchased before the family man kicked in as said…..hmm no room for the kids.

Anyway fast forward by 10 years and it is now the 80′s. A mate of my brother who had left school to take up an apprenticeship with a boat builder, and therefore hand coin, saved up and purchase a brown Datsun 240z. And the love affair with a Datsun Zed was spored.

12 months later I was 15 and now armed with my driving license so it began. Although it was some 6 years before I would purchase my first zed. A number of other Japanese cars and motorbike took pride of place at the olds place while I studied and worked. When I was 18 I almost purchase a silver 240z from a guy that worked with my dad at Air NZ however the insurance was going to be too much for student so it would be a few more years before I would have one.

Move ahead 3 more years – a new job and 3x 240z and 1x 260z 2+2 owned by fellow work mates and the yearning for a zed once again beckoned. As luck would have it all were members of the Datsun Z Club Inc (now known as the Z Club NZ) so with my 1986 Toyota Collora GT now up for sale the hunt began. I joined the Datsun Z Club as owning a car is not a requirement just an interest in the marque is enough. I attended a few race meetings, helped out at events and met some great people. Any who were was I. With the passing of Graeme Collins (one of the founding members) a former club member was at the funeral. One of my work colleagues at the funeral discovered that his car might be up for sale, knowing that I was looking for a zed Alan arrange for me to view the car.

More later…Cheers Mike

Welcome to my site

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Welcome to my new site – I will be updating this over the next few months. Watch this space



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